How will a good installation set the tone for your system?  

         Imagine planting the seed of a tree on the side of a hill. If you choose the wrong seed, it may not take root and grow properly; or even worse – the seed may not even sprout. The same concept can be used to compare the replacement of a major component within your home or business, like your ac unit. If you choose the wrong person for the job, it may not turn out the way it should. In my professional opinion, a good installation will lay the foundation of which the system will operate and is everything when it comes to ensuring a healthy and long-lasting AC system.  

          Occasionally, the system replacement may be a tough retrofit. The air handler unit might be located in a tight spot; or you may not have enough wire at the condenser for the particular system you are interested in purchasing. Rarely have I run across an issue that wasn’t resolvable without an affordable solution. Don’t let the dread of a bad install stop you from finding the right professionals for the job.  Let us do the hard work and make your part easy. 

          We specialize in residential retrofits and full duct replacement, commercial split / RTU package systems replacement, and custom ductless and mini-split system installs for Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach and the Palm Beach and Broward County areas. We install all major brands and offer system from 14 SEER up to 23 SEER. We offer our clients with energy efficient options such as our 2-stage communicating inverter system and wireless thermostat for worldwide system control and ultimate energy savings. Discounted add-ons are also available such as UV Lights, Duct Sanitizing and Maintenance Programs. 

        Lucas Air takes pleasure in finding the best option and solution for your Air Conditioning install needs.  Call today and ask about our financing program for Rheem systems. 

   - Brandon Lucas, Sr.


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RHEEM 2 Ton 14 SEER Change Out

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