WiFi Smart Thermostats

Is your home Smart?


With all of today’s technological advances, creating a Smart Home has become more realistic, even on a tight budget.  Now it’s possible to control your thermostat from a smart phone and/or tablet device, instead of having to get up after you finally just become comfortable in bed. Or maybe you are leaving town and made it to the airport just in time only to remember you forgot to set your home A/C temperature to save energy while you are away. With this new tech, you can access your Smart WiFi Thermostat from anywhere in the world with a cell signal or internet access.  Using these new tools can help secure your home and family while saving you money from energy conservation. 

Lucas Air offers installations in all the latest smart thermostat from major brands such as Honeywell, Eco-bee and Nest (which all work with Google Home and Alexa). If you are interested or maybe you already purchased the equipment and require assistance, either way call us today and let us help. Ask us how you can increase the length of your NEST home warranty by having Lucas Air install your equipment, we are a registered NEST PRO. 

With Smart Home Technology, the possibilities are endless.  Lucas Air strives to stay up to date with the latest advances and modifications within todays smart home adaptions. If there is a product(s) we are not familiar with, we will take it upon ourselves to research the product in order to properly install and more importantly ensure all equipment will work together for a long-lasting smart home system that will keep your family safe and secure for years to come.