When Repairs Happen!


If you are reading this, it may not be a good thing. Well, at least in my experience when dealing with this stuff, no matter how many bad diagnosis’ I share, I am never prepared for what sometimes comes next. I have learned to become like a doctor when sharing certain results and to do it as nicely and respectfully as possible – which may help cushion the blow, yet doesn’t always seem to work. 

Some things are inevitable and we must keep on pushing even if we just hit a brick wall. Today, that “brick wall” is a broken a/c system and a hot home or office. Maybe you just purchased a home and everything “seemed” fine at the inspection and walk through but now not so much. Or maybe you recently had a power outage and your system isn’t cooling, happens more often then you think. Whatever the case, it never happens at a convenient time.  

We at Lucas Air are trained with the proper troubleshooting techniques to locate the problem and make any repair or adjustment needed to fixed the root cause of the issues or failure. We are experienced in working on all makes and models and have access to all major OEM parts if required. Depending on the repairs needed, some can be done on site as our technicians arrive stocked with most of the common parts known to fail on an air conditioning/refrigeration system.  

Sometimes due to certain circumstances, repairs may be too costly due to an expired warranty and/or an aging system. At this point, we will gather all the necessary information and present our client with a free estimate, which is included with the service call. Please refer to our Installation tab for more information on the importance of a good installation and how it will set the tone for the life of the system. We at Lucas Air are dedicated to providing service to each of our clients with integrity and professionalism. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and don’t hesitate to call for any repair questions regarding you’re A/C system.   

- Brandon Lucas 

  Owner / LUCAS AIR

 DISCLAIMER: The photos you see below may be tough to look at and are not for the weak stomach. Mostly all of the issues pictured could have been avoided with a proper installation and regular maintenance. 

Water Leaks 

In South Florida, humidity and moisture are one of our many battles. In our beautiful tropical climate, we must still pay the price for paradise. But don’t make that price higher then it has to be. By servicing and cleaning out the condensate line regularly, this can help your chances in avoiding an inconvenient and possibly costly water leak.  Not to mention, lack of maintenance can cause the build up to completely clog the pipe and force homeowners to replace the entire condensate line

Dirty Filter and Heat Exchanger

Changing filters regularly can help keep a heat exchanger clean of dust and debris which can block airflow and causing cooling issues. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Numerous times I have found infiltration in the return after the air filter causing the heat exchanger to still become dirty even with regular filter replacement. Shame on the installers of that system, as this should have been addressed prior to, or during the system's original installation.

Electrical Failures 

Properly running electrical wire in their respective conduit and sleeves is also of extreme importance and will protect the wire from harmful and corrosive outside elements. This will also protect your system from electrical damage and most importantly, save you from electrical shock or even worse. 

These reasons alone should be enough to stress the importance in hiring a licensed and insured AC Contractor who is experienced in all areas of the trade, so call Lucas Air today and you will be in good hands. 


A good installation will set the tone for the longevity of a systems lifespan. Along with a properly sized system and adequate duct work, a professional installation can enhance the life of your system, as well as, minimize costly and unnecessary repairs mostly caused by poor installation and lack of regular maintenance.  

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