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Are Maintenance Programs a waste of money or actually an investment?


First, I’d like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to visit our site. So as a token of gratitude, I would like to share some helpful and hopefully insightful information, especially if you are a home owner and/or business owner. 

In my career as a HVAC-R service technician, a question I almost always find myself answering is:


"Are Maintenance Agreements a waste of money?" 

Many of my clients concerned that the added expense of such a "minor" and "unnecessary" service was in-fact just throwing hard-earned money down the drain. Well I am here to say that if you ever felt this way, then you are not alone.

We as hard-working individuals have every right to spend our money how we feel fits best for our own unique lifestyles, though we must also remember to be responsible for our budgets and sadly account for those "special" expenses in our life that we "at all costs" try to avoid.

From dental cleanings and doctor visits to the dreaded vehicle tune-up - As different as each service may seem, all have much in common. One obvious similarity is how everyone feels about receiving the bill at the end. More importantly, each respective provider serves a crucial role in "maintaining" our society as these services are a must to "keep the wheels turning" - per se. 

We live in a Mechanical World, and all modern inventions were created through studying the science behind our amazing Universe. Although many scholars will admit we have barely scratched the surface of innovation, the basic mechanics behind modern inventions are recognizable to even the most infant of minds. Have you ever watched a baby play with a shapes box? Eventually, the baby will find that the square block will only fit in the square slot, and so on with the other shapes. 

We are still constantly learning and trying to keep up with how fast life tends to move around us. With all the apps and updates; social media and emails, sometimes it seems impossible. If we want to “maintain” and keep afloat, then we must always seek balance. Part of that begins with maintaining the life around us. If we do not tend those “weeds” in our “garden", then they will begin to over take and cause more problems; and more problems will make that unavoidable bill at the end, unfortunately higher then it should be. 

This is where a Maintenance Program comes into play. Although these services seem like just another expense to add into your budget, it will be money well spent. Just has clean teeth bring less cavities, and eating clean will “maintain” a healthy lifestyle, our modern mechanics call for the same care and upkeep. Just as our bodies are always working and moving, the better we maintain ourselves the more efficient we can continue to work.

Well, think of your home air conditioning system. A single unit that will cycle on and off all day long, keeping your home cool and comfortable all year long. Not to mention being the bigger and more expensive appliance in your home, maintaining such a system can only better the working efficiency and overall performance, meanwhile improving the air quality and health of you and your family and saving you from spending thousands of dollars  due to unnecessary repairs which stemmed from small issues that could have been found with regular service. 

We recommend to our customer bi-annual maintenance to check the system performance, service the condensate line, change air filters as needed and monitor refrigerant levels to ensure your system has the proper charge to operate as efficient as possible.  Believe it or not, your system can lose up to a third of its refrigerant charge and you wouldn’t even know until you see the next electric bill is almost double what is usually is! Or even worse, it may cause your evaporator coil to freeze up which could cause thousands of dollars in water damage. Who wants that?

Our technicians are trained and certified to perform the proper diagnostics and tests to ensure all the electrical equipment powering the unit is installed and operating properly to avoid motor failures and low voltage electrical issues. 

I personally take pleasure in educating homeowners and anyone who is interested in learning what they can do to be proactive in maintaining their own air conditioning unit.  Changing air filters every 30-60 days can improve the overall air quality and performance of a system. The cleaner and better airflow over the heat exchanger, the cleaner and smoother the system can operate.  

Overall, regular maintenance can actually save you money in the end; so rather than being considered a waste of money - look at Maintenance Programs as more of an investment.  Not only will you improve the performance of your system and health of your family, you are prolonging costly repairs and replacement while guaranteeing a properly working system. 

Thank you again, as we value your time and hope you were able to get a better perspective into the importance of maintenance and regular service to your Heating and Cooling Systems. Lucas Air looks forward to serving you for any of your Air Conditioning and Ventilation needs. Call today and ask about our 1-year Maintenance Program specials and save up to 10% on your first service.

- Brandon Lucas, Sr.  

 Owner / LUCAS AIR


Believe it or not, your system can lose up to a third of its refrigerant charge and you wouldn’t even know it; until you find the recent electric bill is almost double what is usually is! Or even worse, it can cause your evaporator coil to freeze up which could mean thousands of dollars in water damage.

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